(09) glottal stop, drop and roll

there are no gutturals in either mandarin or english

I know I called you a two-faced god
but you are more festival than deity—
I mutter your name like a mantra
hoping to muscle it into memory.

what interracial porn doesn’t tell you:
if you fall in love with a foreign tongue,
privately butcher their name ad nauseam
so one day you might scream it in bed.

what they call uvular fricative I call fucking
impossible. Mr Lee’s bilingual policy
fails me. lost in your pharyngeal fold
of a namesake, I think only of spitting
so instead

I swallow.


I’m extremely behind on NaPoWriMo, it seems. But posts like these make me press on:


2 thoughts on “(09) glottal stop, drop and roll

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