DAY 07 – she who runs out of date ideas loses

barely-restrained subtweets, stolen house keys, the back of my car boot
all the trouble in the world pales to the halfmutt STEPHDOGFOOT

will climb rambutan trees half-naked will paint chinchillas for food
all for the love and approval of the cutebutt STEPHDOGFOOT

sits in tubs of fresh steaming ramen (will season it myself) suspiciously mute
dodgy craigslist ads answered in the hope of meeting STEPHDOGFOOT

dangles legs over lips of canals insists eggplant is not a fruit
(those are slightly edible like heart/guts, FYI STEPHDOGFOOT)

would rather avoid mint for life than admit to fawning tribute;
cover me in lesbians and throw me to the STEPHDOGFOOT.

‪#‎SingPoWriMo2015Day07 ‪#‎SingPoWriMoDay07 ‪#‎marylyntan
‪#‎Prompt1: Woo your favourite poet with a poem.
‪#‎Prompt2: Write a ghazal.